Akayabagu Restaurant welcomes you!

The restaurant's name comes from the Kirundi word for Appetite.
Whether it is the incredible food, stunning variety, or premier service,
Akayabagu will satisfy just that: your appetite! Excellence is the 
focus of our restaurant and we are sure you will experience it.

Along with our passion for excellent food and great service, comes our love
for the people of Burundi. We believe that this nation has great potential and
if we can just create a little space for opportunity and possibility, amazing
things can happen. Akayabagu restaurant, along with the other aspects of King's Conference Centre, funds projects running throughout
Burundi. We are directed by the Biblical principles of love, dignity, justice,
truth, and peace. So you can be sure whether you are enjoying a cup of coffee over a book or having dinner with friends, the profits are being invested into this community.

Akayabagu is located between the Kinindo neighbourhood and the shores of Lake Tanganyika. We are only a few minutes away from downtown Bujumbura and for more information on how to find us, see our Getting There page.

Akayabagu restaurant serves many regionally-inspired dishes including a variety of Tanganyikan fish and an extensive list of international cuisine.  The restaurant has attracted local and international clientele, drawn to the superb food, charm and hospitality.

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  • B.P. 2260 Bujumbura Burundi


  • (+257) 22 273636
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