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Burundi has many incredible tourist attractions that are scattered throughout this surprising little country. Bujumbura and upcountry Burundi provide many options for all types of visitors. The lush landscapes, numerous tourist attractions, and miles of beautiful Tanganyika beach make Burundi a perfect destination for travel.

The places of interest are various and one can catch the various moods of Burundi while touring this awesome African destination. Often called the “Switzerland of Africa”, Burundi shelters waterfalls, zoos, natural reserves, hot springs, and lakefront to enjoy and make for popular tourist attractions of Burundi.

Some of the famous Burundi tourist attractions are mentioned below:

Karera Falls

Sometimes called Karera Falls or Chutes de la Karera, are an amazing series of waterfalls in southeastern Burundi. Chutes de la Karera consume 142 hectares of beautiful country and are made of six branches on three landings. The falls can be found in the south of Rutana, southeastern part of the country.


Burundi Drummers

These are truly worth seeing any time you are traveling in Burundi. The performances are often part of ceremonies such as births, funerals, and coronations of kings, but can often be found in several locations for practice or performance. The drums are made from hollowed tree trunks covered with cow skin. The techniques and traditions are passed down from father to son. The members of the ensemble take turns playing the central drum, dancing, and playing the other drums, rotating throughout the show without interruptions. During the performance, the drummers can be seen balancing the heavy drums on their heads, while singing and playing. There are some extra members who carry ornamental spears and shields and lead the procession with their dance.


Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is an African Great Lake. It is estimated to be the second largest freshwater lake in the world, and the second deepest. Lake Tanganyika is also the world's longest freshwater lake. There is a large variety of plants and animals that find their home in the lake including hippopotamus, crocodiles, and many varieties of exotic fish.

For recreation, there are beautiful sandy beaches in several parts of the country for swimming, relaxing, and walking. The lake is very transparent and depths of up to 25 meters can be seen from the surface. Whether you choose to enjoy windsurfing, boat rides, sailing, swimming, or one of the other many activities of Tanganyika, we are sure you will enjoy what it offers.

National Parks and Reserves

There are also a great number of parks and reserves around the country to explore. Each of these is unique and offers a wonderful part of the beauty of Burundi. Find the list below:

 • Rusizi National Park

• Ruvubu National Park

• Makamba Natural Reserve

• Rusizi National Park

• Bururi Natural Reserve

• Rwihinda Lake Natural Reserve

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